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Affordable Hurricane Protection For Your Home

So, what makes Ark Rainbow different from all the other hurricane protection companies out there? First and foremost, we care. We care about the safety of your home & family, we care about the quality of our products, we care about what this web site has to offer you!

This is our passion! Our web site offers much more than things to buy. We offer information on every aspect of hurricane protection that we can. If you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) person, you are in the right place. If a "hammer drill" sounds like a schizophrenic tool, don't worry, you're still in the right place.

You won't just get installation instructions, you'll get a minor course in carpentry, safety, and as many things as we can add. All in an organized, attractive, and sometimes humorous environment that will continue to change and grow with your needs. Scare tactics are not our forte. Hurricanes as scary enough on their own.

Our primary product is the patented Hurricane Shutter Strap©.

Hurricane Shutter Strap Overhead View

The Ark Rainbow Hurricane Shutter Strap© uses a unique Clamping-Lever to securely mount plywood shutters over most recessed windows and doors with a minimum of effort. It can be installed quickly by a handyman or average do-it-yourselfer at prices far below standard hurricane shutters.

The plywood shutter fits over (not into) the window opening and is clamped into place from the outside. No permanent hardware is attached and it can be installed on brick,cement block and other masonry openings. Some products that install into the opening can fail on smooth surfaces such as cement block. The Hurricane Shutter Strap© will grip your window like a barnacle grips a rock in the pounding surf.

Hurricane Shutter Strap©

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